Motor Cycle Mechanic

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Course Description

MITI's Motor Cycle Mechanic Course teaches the students everything which is related to the field of Motor Mechanizing. It exclusively helps the students to know how to repair, maintain, adjust and test all the parts and components of a motorcycle and also learn the needs of the latest content in the field of motorcycle repairing. This course prepares and trains the student to become a motorcycle mechanic and be able to work as skilled worker.

Course Duration 4 Months
Credit Hours 288 Hours
Daily Hours 3 Hours
Theory Hours 88 Hours
Practical Hours 200 Hours
Class Timing 09:00Am to 12:00Pm & 02:00Pm to 05:00Pm
Course Level Intermediate

Course Contents

  • Identification Of Parts Of Engine & Functions
  • Identification Of Transmission Components, Clutch & Gears
  • Assembling & Disassembling Of Front Forks
  • Servicing, Assembling & Tuning Of Engine


  • Experienced & Professional Instructors
  • Well-Equipped Workshops & Practical Labs
  • Affiliation with TTB and City & Guilds
  • Course Training with Professional Grooming
  • Most Affordable Fee
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  • The admission of all courses for the Female section will be start by 1st December - 2016 and classes commence by 2nd January - 2017.
  • The admission of all courses for the Male section Admission will be start by 15th December - 2016 and classes commence by 1st February - 2017.
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  • The 'NAVTTC Tool Kit Ceremony' held on 11th May 2015.
  • President of WMO Visited MITI on 18th April 2015.