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It's the cluster of our Alumni!! Our proud Achievers!! Our Nation-Builders!!

With more than 40,000 graduates so far, who are serving the world in all walks of life - in Information Technology, Media, Electrical & Engineering Fields, Industries, Technical service, the Arts and fashion and many more... MITI is providing a platform where all the achievements of our talented students get a good show cased and also keep them connected with the esteemed institute and distinguished teachers.

We have established a Forum which represents our very vibrant alumni bodies. They are those who started their learning as an ordinary learner but accomplished it with an extra-ordinary achievement. They dreamt big and remarkably attained big. As, it is truly said, "If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with success unexpected in common hours".

To get involve and access this forum of peers, fill in the Registration form, explaining your association towards MITI, your accomplishments in learning and success in professional career, then submit it. You will be getting warm response from our "IRO" after proceeding with the verification and authentication.

So, a very warm welcome to the Alumni Forum of MITI, and we wish to have a strong link with you and hope that this correspondence will last never.

Industrial Relation Department - IR Depart

The IR department of MITI is in touched with the industries and companies both locally and internationally with the objective to provide them the most suitable man power of our young, fresh, dedicated and enthusiastic graduates. Many of our graduates have got the benefit from our IR depart. and have secured the employments with excellent aplomb.

On the other hand, IRO provides the students with the training sessions during their learning course; those training sessions give complete knowledge about making a resume; giving successful interviews; keys of getting an employment and over all life skills and mentorship training which includes effective communication, professional demeanor,proficiency and tactics of employment and expertise in presentations.

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Notable Alumni


Zakria Hafeez

He had laid his hands on graphics designing, MS office, typing, and DAE but still directionless. Unable to find what motivated him to give out his best, he was very desperate.

Where there is a will, there is a way. At his cousin’s wedding, he observed the wedding photographer and was fascinated by his confidence at handling camera. He approached him and tried to probe into his expertise and discovered that he had done ‘Professional Photography’ from MITI. He came to MITI and took admission immediately.

In the middle of the course, he realized that he was cut out for photography. He was so passionate that he borrowed money from his friend and bought a professional camera. He shot a lot of pictures, polished them and submitted the album to the instructor. Seeing his passion, his instructor was so delighted that he offered Zakria a job as ‘Assistant Photographer’ at MITI.

He is a wedding photographer these days and confesses that photography is something that wakes him up and keeps him moving.



He had been working for over a decade, having switched a number of low-key jobs and was finally working at Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) which had also come to a dead end i.e. little increment and no promotions. He was a graduate and wanted to do MBA but couldn’t afford it.

One of his friends recommended him to join MITI’s ‘Computerized Accounting’ course for a potential career leap. He joined the course without a second thought as he was very desperate.

As the course began, the instructor made him realize that higher education was not an immediate solution but the problem-solving skills at work that would give instant payoff. He remained very punctual and caught every drop of the wisdom imparted in the course.

Unfortunately, his father went permanently ill and would need emergency anytime. Since, Furqan was the only adult in his family. He was a resident of Korangi and he would have difficulty getting home in case of emergency.


Mukhtar Ashraf

He is a resident of Korangi and belongs to a poor family. One of his elder brothers is doing job.

He had done two courses ‘Generator Operator’ and ‘MS Office’ aiming to get job wherever possible. After completing the course MITI contacted him for job but he didn’t have NIC.

On the basis of his course, he got job as a machine operator at a garments company. He came to MITI and requested us to help him find a better one. Soon he will be eligible for NIC and is hopeful that MITI would help him get a more suitable job.


Zaid Ahmed

He is a resident of Jumma Goth and belongs to a poor family. He had been engaged in several low key jobs from an early age.

He was working as a salesman at a local footwear shop when one of his distant relative told his parents about MITI saying that Zaid could do some course and would get himself out of this vicious circle. He did MS Office course from MITI and was called by MITI for job interview but unfortunately he didn’t have his NIC. He is doing his matriculation and would be eligible for NIC within a few months and can then come to MITI for job acquisition.


Muzamil Ansari

He is a resident of Korangi and belongs to a poor family. His father desperately wants him to study but financial hardships don’t allow Muzammil to carry on smoothly.

Fortunately, his father brought Muzammil to MITI and Muzammil got enrolled into MS Office. After completing the course, he received a call from MITI for job interview but couldn’t go for it due to not having his NIC.

Currently he is working as an embroider at a local shop. His success story is very unique. Having qualified the course of MS Office also set for him a criteria to also complete his matriculation in order to do an office job. Previously, he had dropped out of school. Now the course sent him back to school. Times are challenging but the objectives have become clearer.

Muzammil wanted to do another course but the criteria is matriculation.


Zubair Khan

He had ‘General Store’ as a family business and was completing his intermediate and wanted to carry on with higher education. But he used to fell an emptiness inside him and needed something strong enough to fill that out. This desperation took him to work at a ‘Mobile repairing shop’. Within 4 – 6 months he started repairing mobiles but still not expert enough. He got to know that MITI is offering mobile repairing course, he immediately got enrolled. In a couple of months, he left mobile repairing shop and created a small mobile repairing setup at his own ‘General Store’ and still doing it.

After completing the course, he was offered a job as ‘Assistant Instructor’ in ‘Mobile repairing’ course which he accepted. He is in fact doing full time job at MITI, completing his higher secondary education and supporting his brother by supervising the general store part time.


Mr. Nabeel

He is a resident of Landhi and student of B. Com. He was looking for a job when one day he gave an interview at a pharmaceutical company where he was posed a question if he had done an IT related course. Unfortunately, he hadn’t done any. They were surprised to learn that in an era of advanced technology, he was living a stone age life. Nabeel felt very guilty because he was deprived of a technology so commonly available.

He decided to do an IT course when his friend told him about MITI. During the course, he joined a computer hardware shop to polish his skills.

After qualifying the course, he was hired at MITI as a ‘CCTV maintenance’ officer.


Mr. Tasaddaq Hussain Mughal

"I did General Electrician course from MITI. I was low Confident but the learning of MITI gave me courage and ability to proof the potential which was in me. Today I can say these words that I, with no special academic background is working side by side the Engineers and also share my hand-on experience with them. My skill is my presentation which makes me significant among so many workers. Currently I’m working in Bin Ladin Company at Saudia Arabia on +1700 Royall. Me and my family is enormously thankful to the management of MITI but still we can’t thank them enough as their work and commitment to society is beyond the words."


Mr. Shahrukh Khan

"Working in a workshop always made me think of none but a deserted life and I used to think my future so dull and gloomy. Then I got to know about MITI and its courses on minimal fee. I took admission in 'Auto Electrician' here which brought a revolution in my life. I not only got the training of my course but also the complete self-grooming and Health and Safety Environment. During the course I recognize my true spirit and after completion of course, I got enrolled in 'Auto Air Conditioning Course. Now I'm like a dual core which is expert of auto-mobiles and professionally turned-out. I'm currently earning three fold of my previous income. And I'm so glad that I got rid of that tag of 'chohta of workshop' and got the recognition of 'Auto Electrician'."
"I would like to give my message to all the youngsters to come, visit and join MITI for a bright and prosperous future."


Mr. Abdul Rehman

"In our society, child labour is pretty much common, teen agers like me work harder and get less paid due to our age. But there is a thing by which we can prove ourselves.. that is 'Skill'. Here in MITI, we not only learn Skills but also the ideas to utilize them, we get to know what is our correct place by the counseling and encouragement which our teachers do. I used to hear a lot from our government about finishing unemployment but here I saw the true implementation. It's not only me who secured the job but every student I knew here, got a sophisticated work on a reliable salary. I have no words to thank MITI but there is no morning and no night of my life in which I forget to pray for the progress of MITI. May it keep spreading the life to the neglected souls."


Mr. Muhammad Arshad Bhatti

"People spend years in getting a good position in any firm, But I with the training of only four months became the incharge of my co-workers. I did Industrial Electrician course from MITI and that made me skillful enough to supervise all the electricians of my company. I would like to recommend all youngsters that if you want to grow your career and want to be something then come and join MITI, its doors are opened for all of you!! "


Mr. Mohammad Irfan

"I am Irfan, I did my Lift Technician course from MITI in 2012.I am currently working in Madina and getting a remuneration which is around 80k of Pakistan. All that is due to the prayers of my mother and the exquisite training, I got from MITI. I would like to give the credit of my all success to my honest, hard working and loyal teachers who made me eligible for such ideal employment." "Long Live MITI"


Mr. Abdul Moiz

"I was a matric passed boy who was working on daily wages Then I got to know about MITI and I took admission in Air Conditioning course. Here I learnt that no matter, what caste or creed you have, no matter which family you belong, here admissions are for all on the basis of equality. I had a concept that no education means no job and those who can't afford further studies, can't get a good job but now Alhamdolillah I'm a technician and working at Tariq Road. I'm supporting my family and also saving amount for my education too. I’m now a passionate person who wants to do more and more to enlighten the name of my parents and my institute MITI. "


Mr. Mehboob Alam

"I was a dependent person. I used to beg others to give me works. In fact, sometimes I had to search a lot for work and when I didn't get any, I had to stay workless. Then I knew about MITI and did RAC Course from here in 2011. I was illiterate and aged too. I thought, I couldn't learn anything but the way of Teaching in MITI is such remarkable that I didn't feel any Problem and I didn't get complex. In start, I found Theory work really difficult but by the dedication and support of my teachers, I gained interest in it and learnt it quite properly. Now I'm a skillful person and I'm a self-entrepreneur. Before the course, I used to beg for works but now I give works to others. That is all because of MITI. I will ever remain grateful and obliged to MITI."


Mr. Muhammad Kashan

"I am a passionate teen ager who always wanted to get Chances for a good show case of my potential but Unfortunately, the area we live in, has almost NO resources and opportunities. I often asked my school teachers about future career but didn't get any satisfactory answer. One day my school planned a visit to a vocational institute named MITI. I thought that such institutes are for those who couldn't Study but for my surprise, the IT department of MITI was an ever wonderful place. I was stunned to see the projects and works of students. I felt that my prayers have been fulfilled and this is the right place to make my dreams come true. I immediately took admission here and currently I'm doing Net Working in a proficient manner. I am as much impressed by the expertise of my teachers that I don't wanna leave the institute. I'm still involved and doing more and more Courses. IT world is so vast and so do the knowledge of my teachers. I want to Get more and more benefit from it. And I have a dream to be same master of IT as like my teachers and would teach in MITI inshaAllah."


Mr. Zia ul Haq

"I did computer software course from MITI in the batch of Jan-April 2011. I had a personality with full of hesitation but after completing course at MITI, I’m a confident guy with my all concepts clear and my future dimensions are bright. Besides, course content, I learnt effective communication, dressing encode, proficient tactics and much more. Whoever is reading my words, Just come up here and grab the golden opportunity of a successful professional career. "


Mr. Ahmed Ali

"Being the student of MITI's 1st batch and now an employee here, makes me feel so blessed and so glad. I'm so thankful to Allah Almighty that He provided me the great platform of MITI From where I got potential, confidence, skill and self-recognition. I believe to work so hard for the prosperity and success of MITI But I can never pay off the bounties which I got from MITI."


Mr. Farhan Mannan

"With no discrimination of Race, Religion and Language, MITI is serving to all the youth. Here fee is so economical or I should say equals to almost none! Don't waste your time and life in street-corner-sitting and groups joining. Take admission in MITI and learn your true self. A bright future is waiting for you. All you need to visit MITI and get yourself enroll in a Trade in which you have interest the most."


Mr. Ahmed Khan

"I had a keen desire of study but I couldn't do because of my family crises. I was so disappointed and had no hope for bright future then I saw Ad. of MITI and took admission in Computer Hardware. Now alhamdolillah I am running my own computer hardware shop. I would like to salute my teachers to train us so brilliantly. They not only taught us about course but also taught us about time management, dressing and complete professional grooming. I must say that our teachers and nstitute worth a million and billion."

"I would like to speak to Mr. Mustufa Kamal that come and see the seed you put as MITI is now a strong Tree and giving fruits. It is a best milestone of Memons to diminish unemployment. Admiration for this work is beyond the words "


Mr. Mohammad Waseem

"I had been working in a workshop for more than two years but I was NUL. I had no experience and I was earning Rs. 50 per day. One day I was sitting in my local street gathering with my friends, There I saw marketers of MITI, I talked to them and they guided me in detail about its courses. With their and my friends motivation I took admission here. I learnt all the technical terms here. Not only this but I also learnt manners of professionals. I had a language issue which got improved here. I was so hesitate, I learnt confidence here. Now I'm working as an experienced person and have good respect at my work. And I'm alhamdolillah earning a good amount which satisfies my own and my Family needs."

An enormous thanks to MITI and its management from the core of my heart.


Mr. M. Akhtar

"I am a resident of Korangi where we have fewer resources And people think it as a backward and under developed area. I was a driver and used to drive on wages then I did CNG tuning course from MITI. Now I'm a skillful person and my driver friends see me with proud eyes when I do repair all the vehicles so smoothly. Me and my family is very much thankful to MITI and would like to give a message to everybody that countless opportunities are right here at MITI in very minimal fee. Come and join it and get benefit from it."


Mr. Nayyar Ali

"Hi, I'm Nayyar. I have a profound interest in computers. I did several short courses from various centers but I couldn't get satisfactory response. Then I got the pamphlet of MITI and I got excited when see so many professional courses of IT in it. I, with my friends, took admission here and found it really amazing. Here staff is so cooperative, we can ask again and again without any hesitation. Teachers gave me their contact numbers too so that I can be in touch with them and I get answers of my all queries from them. One thing which I really fantasized here is the involvement of management in every trade and course. Our honorable principal, distinguished C.O.O keep on taking rounds of classes and inquire students about learning and progress. Here the doors of chairman are always opened, we can directly approached him too for any of our issue. I'm so impressed and have no words to praise the work of MITI."


Mr. Kashif Baber

"I was a person with desperation, frustration and distressed Mind. I was totally blank and had no idea how to build a Good career. I was spending my days passively then a Relative of mine told me about MITI. I did Industrial Electrician course. Now I am a groomed person, I have my future aspects clear and I have a good job which is indeed a sign of good respect in our society."

I want to thank MITI for giving me a new life with full of respect.

Thank you so much!!


Mr. Hafiz Jawad-ur-Rehman

"I am a resident of Korangi, I got the opportunity to learn IT Course from MITI on scholarship, I studied with all my heart and got 1st position in my class. I got another opportunity of doing internship at MITI, I availed that golden opportunity and on the basis of my commitment, consistency and dedication, I got permanent alhamdolillah. My message to all is that do not under estimate yourself by the area you belong but proof yourself by unlocking the potential we have within us and MITI is the best platform by which you can awaken the giant enthusiasm of your personality."


Mr. Akif Ali Sheikh

"I took admission in MS office in 2010 and got such profound association that continued learning here in Graphics Designing. Alhamdolillah I'm now a professional Graphics Designer. My Friends call me Cheetah of Graphics. I did work in miscellaneous Projects and also got opportunity to work in the loop of MITI which Is a proud and an honor for me."


Mr. Saleem Shafa

"I am Saleem. I did motor winding course from MITI. I am now a professional motor technician. And running my own shop. I earn a handsome amount and have complete knowledge of my work. I’m living an independent life. All the credit goes to MITI, its staff and its management. Here rules and regulations, security, cleanliness and discipline all are remarkable. I would like to recommend all the youngsters to join MIIT and be a . respectable self-entrepreneur. Don’t waste your precious time in sitting idly. Best of the best opportunities are here in MITI. Join them & grab them."


Mr. Majid Hussain

"I was the student of Plumbing in the year 2012, And currently I am working overseas as a professional Plumber in Gulf Trade Testing Center. For my such Huge achievement, I would like to salute the admin. Of MITI and my teachers for their love and support."


Mr. Moazzam Ali Khan

"I'm Mozzam, I did Welding course from MITI in very recent batch (june-Sep 2013). And Alhamdolillah I have got a job of Welder in Saudia Arabia on very handsome remuneration. I’m so grateful for my teachers and whole MITI for such excellent training."

Success Stories

Muhammad Basheer

MS Office

He was doing job as a ‘Demi Chef’ at ‘Restaurant 44’ Clifton. He used to observe his seniors and would look for professional gaps in him so that he would work them out to progress in his career.

He found his seniors working in the office recording and planning shifts for the restaurants. He decided to get his hands on computer skills. He lives closed to MITI, he came to MITI and got enrolled into MS Office course.

4 months after qualifying the course he was hired as ‘2nd Cook’ at ‘Awari Towers’. Though he is still not handling office work over there but he is ready. He says that we should do our lot and wait for the opportunity to come. He is quite hopeful now because he has got all it takes.

Junaid Ali

Student of Computer Hardware & Networking

He belongs to a well-to-do family having their own family business of ‘Electronics’. But his brothers insisted that he carried on with his studies. While he was doing graduation (B. Com), one of his friends was enrolling into MITI’s CIT and invited him to join as well. He followed his friend’s advice. During the course teacher’s motivation played a great role in his personal grooming to make a positive person for himself, family and society. Later on, this motivation helped him stay on track when things were not coming right.

CIT helped him customize himself for an office job. He learned to draft letters, CV and sales plan among others. Luck had it, he was called for an interview at ‘Abbot Laboratories’ within a month of qualifying the course and was hired as ‘Territory Manager’ with all the perks and benefits.

Follow is what he has got to say:

“I keep spreading the word about MITI. If you want to groom, learn and most of all get quality education economically, MITI is the only place to go for. You will definitely find your field of interest among the plethora of courses offered.”

Muhammad Fayyaz Ahmed

Student of Computer Hardware & Networking

His parents insisted that he joined MITI right after wrapping up his matriculation but he didn’t know my interest. He had basic computer literacy so he joined ‘Computer Hardware & Networking’ somewhat reluctantly. Though he didn’t like it in the beginning because he was attempting a course just because of his parents’ insistence. But his interest grew gradually learning ‘Computer Hardware’ and it wasn’t until it came to ‘Networking’ that he finally realized his passion. He also faced some problems but those seemed tiny compared to the joy and confidence that ‘Networking’ imparted which he attributes to the course instructors whose continuous motivation made it possible.

He had heard of MITI but had never visited it. He came to MITI for inquiry and luckily came across ‘Computerized Accounting’. He got enrolled.

Currently, he is doing job at a ‘Software House’. Even after his course, he was in touch with his instructor and has qualified ‘CCNA’ upon his advice. His ‘CCNP’ is in progress.

He says that his success would materialize if he motivates more people to build their careers likewise. For this reason, he frequently visits MITI and shares his success stories with the students. This is also a token of appreciation for his instructors.

Follow is what he has got to say:

“Now you know what my life was before joining MITI and how dramatically it has changed. Thanks for reading my story but more importantly use it to find your passion.”

M. Jahanzaib Khan

Student of Computerized Accounting

He started working at an NGO after qualifying his matriculation. Six years at that job, he had only learnt basic excel. He realized that his career growth was stuck as the job had become monotonous and mundane. Since he was also not qualified, he couldn’t be trusted with new tasks. He thought that learning ‘Advanced Excel’ might remove the friction.

He had heard of MITI but had never visited it. He came to MITI for inquiry and luckily came across ‘Computerized Accounting’. He got enrolled.

Just before joining the course, he had switched to another organization as a purchase officer. He was on 3 months’ probation. He started delivering at the workplace and was given higher responsibilities because he had had hands on experience of quick book, peach tree and complicated excel reporting during the course. The real time environment provided during the course is specifically designed for workplace sanity. After 3 months, he was hired as a permanent employee with a handsome increment.

The job oriented course brought a steady career growth and also convinced him that education is important and he has gotten enrolled into Intermediate education as well.

Follow is what he has got to say:

“This course is important for professionals and non-professionals alike. Moreover, HR & IR arranged several interviews during and after the course. It is my earnest desire that students join this invaluable storehouse of knowledge and become a value adding part of society.”

Muhammad Abid Rafique

Student of Computerized Accounting

Being a graduate working as ‘Assistant Accountant’ at a college where every process was manual. He had a learning attitude and wanted to make the process computerized. After trying for 2 years, he didn’t get anywhere because there was no use, no help and no appreciation. Everyone seemed satisfied at the status quo but not him. He decided to switch.

While his M. Com was in progress, he tried to switch several times but was demanded computerized recordkeeping. He started looking out for institutes for ‘Computerized Accounting’ but wasn’t satisfied with the standard. He wanted to master computerized recordkeeping and ERP.

Then, after some time, he got to know that MITI had launched ‘Computerized Accounting Course’. He met the instructor to probe into the standard. Fortunately, this time he got what he was looking for.

By the time, the course was reaching its end, he applied at Clariant. So, he was actually getting ahead from interview to interview while wrapping up the course. Luck had it, he finally got the job on the last day of his course.

Following is what he has to say:

“The 4 months training at the course is equivalent to almost 5 years at work. The job oriented training will enable you to easily penetrate into the relevant industry. My strong recommendation for jobseekers is to join MITI without delay.” ”

Wajahat Ali

Student of Computer Hardware

Mr. Syed Wajahat Ali is brought on a wheelchair. A nightmare when one day he was shot in the spine by the snatchers, yet a man of immense determination despite being physically handicapped. But he was not like that just one year back when he joined MITI in ‘Computer Hardware’ training. He was very disturbed and disappointed by his physical limitation and was under performing when he caught his instructor’s eye, who motivated him and made him realize that he still had a lot to be grateful for.

Wajahat not only started up a small computer hardware workshop in his own home during the very training and started generating livelihood but also continued with the same spirit and enrolled into ‘Mobile Repairing’ training at MITI. He has been hired by MITI as ‘Admin Assistant’. Following is what he had got to say:

“I can’t thank my instructor enough for making me realize that I wasn't useless and could still go on. Had it not been for MITI, I wouldn't have been able to be where I am today. I want you all to benefit from this blessing.”

Mohammad Hamza Khan

Student of Office Automation (Passed the course with A+ Grade and Secure 1st Position)

He is from a very poor family and just making ends meet. His father lost one of his arm way back and has often been fired from jobs ever since, on account of disability. When he looked at his father and his circumstances, he would be preoccupied with how he could support his father and help alleviate the miseries.

One day on his way back home, he came across MITI’s camp providing KYI’s scholarship forms. His eyes glittered in excitement visualizing his future. He took the form and selected MS Office because this would increase the odds in getting an office job. During the period of 4 months of the course he would go to his friends’ shop to practice what he would learn at MITI because he did not have a personal computer. By the grace of Allah, he secured a job at Artistic Garments Industries right after course completion. This is almost like a dream come true. One can just imagine how this achievement is going to turn around the circumstances of his family.

He was visibly grateful to MITI and KYI for providing him a chance to prove ‘where there is a will there is a way’. He thinks now he doesn’t need to wander in search of livelihood because now he has a skill like a path to travel.

Amjad Hussain

Student of Industrial Electrain (Passed the course with 95%)

A sensitive boy of intermediate, whose father is a hawker of Kachori. And he himself was working extremly hard on medical clininc for consecutive 6 hours in evening to bear his educational expenses. He took admission in MITI with a dream of professional and skilful life and showd 100 % attandence in course. He got highest percentage in class and now working as an electrician on daily wages.

He stated in his story that his interaction with MITI is his life’s most golden period and he got a new self within who is confident, focus and a successful person. He paid high gratitude to KYI for giving him such remarkable opportunity.

Waqar Ahmed

Student of Web Designing (Passed the course with 93%)

A 21-years old boy, who completed his intermediate and had no idea what to do next, he used to spend his time in teaching school on very low pay and his father is a Rikshaw Driver. He got admission in MITI by the camps, placed in his area and despite all the opposition from area people and cruical circumstances, showed full attendance and dedication in the class.

He expressed his feelings with great affection for the professional skills he learnt and saluated his teachers for the brilliant teaching. He is now working on Web Free Lancing Projects and his 1st earning work is designing Visiting Cards. He is also planning to work on wbsites making.

Adnan Khan

Student of Generator Operating (Passed the ourse with 92%)

He is student of Matriculation, whose family is migrated to Karachi from Sawat. His father is an employee on a rental shop of generator repairing. He decided to take admission in the course to assisst his father with the latest techniques and skills and make his hectic job feasible and advanced.

He mentioned in his story that he used to hear about Change, Change but after completion of course in MITI, he actually got the meaning of change as he experienced no discrimination of caste, creed, race and language during his four month course program. He paid his enormous gratitude to WMO, MITI and exclusively to KYI.

Aftab Ahmed

(Resident of Sultanabad, completed Auto CAD course with A+ grade and secured 95 %)

A 22-years-old boy who did his matriculation from government school of locality whose father worked as a laborer on daily wages. He took admission in Auto CAD in evening but as his bus used to come a little earlier so he, instead of wasting that time waiting for his class, requested the teacher of Web designing to let him stay in the class. The teacher not only gave him the permission but also appreciated his learning spirit and allowed him to use a vacant computer for practice work. Aftab, with his profound interest in learning, grabbed this golden opportunity and practiced more and more which refined his work proficiency. One day his father was working in a factory named Global Tech., there he observed that the management is worried about some computer problems, he spoke if a chance could be given to his son then he may resolve this matter. The management person approved and Aftab worked out with his full commitment and dedication which resulted excellently and the higher authorities not only liked his work but also offered him the employment on handsome remuneration which he accepted warmly.

His parents saw him as a skilled person and a job holder too so they settled his marriage and on the 23rd of Oct. 2014 his marriage ceremony was held.

He gave this speech with the hands colored with Mehndi and the heart filled with countless thanks and gratitude for MITI and KYI.

Mohammad Kashif

(Resident of Korangi, from Generator Mechanic department and 1st position holder of class)

Kashif belongs to a family consisted of 10 children and illiterate parents. Father, the only earning man, working as Tailor, who aimed to educate his children but lack of resources couldn't fulfill his desire.

Kashif worked in mechanic shops to learn the work but he got huge disappointment as all the owners of workshops just treated him as "Chhota" of workshop who could do all the things but no salary was given and was miss-treated too.

He lost the hope and started selling chips and patties in street. There he saw the camp of MITI and got enrolled in Generator Mechanic course. He showed an outstanding performance throughout the course and proved to be the most regular and punctual student which resulted in securing the 1st position. He recently gave interview in the industry at Mill Area where he would start his services after submitting the certificate of achievement which he received in graduation Ceremony.

Mazhar Ali

(From Lyari, learnt General Electrician course with 94% and stood top position)

A complex baloch boy who just faced ignorance and negligence during his every tenure, he gave such a heart touching speech about how his depreciated life transformed into an esteemed personality. He mentioned in his story that his self-respect was badly hurt and he never had any ray of hope but in MITI he not only gained the confidence but also got the love and appreciation by his teachers, he learned that every individual is unique, no matter what skin color he has and to which area he belongs. He also expressed his enormous feelings of pride that he learnt in MITI that talent is within us and we just need to polish it and unlock the hidden potential of us. He gave the credit of all his success and confident personality to MITI and especially to KYI. He concluded his story by giving a salute to his teachers on the stage.

Mehak Naz

(From Korangi, Learnt basic English Language in Female Section with 1st position)

Mehak is the youngest sister of nine elder siblings, she always had a passion to get education but getting permission was the problem as family doesn't allow co-education and second matter was expenses. Her both issues got resolved by MITI and KYI. She showed 100% attendance and an excellent academic record. She is now a good English speaker and teaching the girls of her area in her own home by which she is not only having a good practice but also getting a good amount by which she got admission in Advance English Language Course at MITI. She gave a message to all the girls that strong desire, commitment and hard work is the key of success. Come and join MITI for making your dreams come true.